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LG 42PW350 42-Inch 720p 600Hz Active 3D Plasma HDTV

A television that is connected to the Internet become which priority option for most people today, especially for those which live in big cities because of the internet becomes a second life for them. Internet needs that currently dominates the lives of many people in various parts of the world, making the LG combines television and the internet in a package of ‘television rounder’ named LG 42PW350. so that it can easily get entertainment and a wide knowledge through an entertainment tool at the same time.

Internet-Ready Television
When a television has earned as an Internet-Ready Television, meaning that all Internet activity such as in a laptop or computer and you can enjoy for a larger size, ie on television by 46 inches. if you are someone who is quite active in the social networking, you can have a heart for not only social networks such as Facebook and twitter, but until Youtube, online photo galleries, news and financial updates, weather, sports scores, updates and latest movie songs, and many other things in a larger display. Get ready! Because satisfaction in large scale will come up to you!


Your focus on whole impressions delivered through the 46-inch wide screen is becoming increasingly attractive because there is a 3D technology that makes all the impressions come to life as if it wanted to invite you to participate in it. You will be completely entering the entertainment in another dimension.


There is no continuation of the story that you get the blurry image on every show that aired. With capabilities that reach 600Hz fast action, video games, and sports will always get a clear image detail even in fast motion.

Additional features that have an equally important role:

  • Energy Star. With all capabilities as television and even more than regular television, LG 42PW350 not let the larger carbon emissions resulting from this television. Valid certification from Energy Star means that this television can save energy well in the active standby mode and about 30% less than standard units. Energy star is the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy for all electronic equipment in the world. You can save money with energy by itself, your monthly electric bills are also reduced and you can meet other household needs.
  • View it in the right light. Often, a person feelsnotcare about thelightingarrangementintelevision. When the light settinghavea great influenceon the health ofviewers, the televisionperformance, and monthlyelectricbills. Toanticipatesuch problems,there isIntelligentSensorautomatically optimizesthe picturewiththe lighting conditionsand colorin the room.
  • Get the perfect picture? Why not? Selfcalibrationwith on-screen reference pointsforkeypicture qualityelementslikeblack level, color, sharpnessandbacklight levelsmake youget the perfect shotandaccording to whatyou

In the conclusion, all kinds of entertainment have been provided with a neat on the LG 42PW350. Accuracy of light and precise image capture can be your consideration in this television.

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